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Two TI winners and two TI runner-up players were still not enough for Newbee to qualify for the MDL Macau early this morning.

Since TI7, when they’ve been defeated by Team Liquid in the grand finals, Newbee have been “to hell and back, and back to hell…and back” and are yet to find a formula which will put them back on track. In early December last year, they even moved Xu “Moogy” Han and He “InFlame” Yongzheng to inactive and began rotating a couple of tryouts hoping that somehow, at some point they would find the synergy between the players. It didn’t really happen. Mid-December they finished just 7th-8th at the China Dota2 Winter Cup. A couple of weeks later they closed the DPL Season 6 on the 5th-6th place despite bringing Moogy and InFlame back. Yesterday, they entered the MDL Macau 2019 Chinese qualifiers with a roster slightly adjusted once again. The Newbee TI4 winner and most recently the team coach, Wang “Banana” Jiao stepped in while Moogy continued to play in his carry role. Banana assumed the support role, just like he did back in 2014 when he took home the Aegis of Champions. Newbee’s captain and position 5 support is still Zeng “Faith” Hongda, a TI winner as well but back in 2012 with Invictus Gaming. Unfortunately for him, today Newbee missed the qualifier slot to MDL Macau by losing 0 – 2 to iG.

Newbee had the lead in game one for the first 35 minutes and felt confident to attempt a kill on Roshan without having any kind of vision on the iG side of map. They got initiated in the pit and lost the entire game based on that disastrous team fight. Going into game two Newbee players looked lost and completely out of sync with each other, with a line-up that required good communication. Despite having the Huskar-Oracle combo they’ve lost the match in under 30 minutes drawing just 8 kills compared to the 25 of Invictus Gaming.

iG and Royal Never Give Up (RNG) who claimed their ticket yesterday in a one-sided affair versus Room 310 will join PSG.LGD Gaming,, Vici Gaming and EHOME to the $300,000 event set to unfold February 20-24.

headline picture credits: Mars Media

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