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Valve has been dropping a series of sneak peeks ahead of the Dota Underlords so-called Big Update: the patch that will take the game out of beta and mark the official launch.

In the previous days, we got to see the 12 new heroes and four new Alliances, as well as the Jail mechanic. Today, we finally get to also see what the titular Underlords will do.

New heroes and Alliances

There will be 12 new heroes and four new Alliances coming with the Big Update. They are as follows:


  • Healer: Amplify all friendly healing
  • Insects: Units spawn insects from the edge of the board, who give enemies chance to miss
  • Brute: Deal additional damage and apply damage debuff to targets
  • Champion: Champions receive all Alliance bonuses

New heroes:

  • Nyx Assassin (Insect/Hunter), Tier 1
  • Lifestealer (Heartless/Brute), Tier 1
  • Shadow Demon (Heartless/Demon), Tier 1
  • Weaver (Insect/Hunter), Tier 2
  • Magnus (Brute/Shaman), Tier 2
  • Dazzle (Troll/Healer), Tier 2
  • Legion Commander (Champion/Human), Tier 3
  • Io (Primordial/Druid), Tier 3
  • Broodmother (Insect/Warlock), Tier 4
  • Bristleback (Brawny/Savage), Tier 4
  • Sven (Human/Scaled/Knight), Ace Tier
  • Faceless Void (Primordial/Assassin), Ace Tier

Jail mechanic

The Jail mechanic is Valve’s solution to balancing the growing hero pool and keeping the game fresh. On a 24-hour basis, 8-12 heroes will enter the Jail and be taken out of the hero pool.

This will help keep the hero pool concentrated and not blow up out of proportion. Too many heroes means lesser chance for a player to get the unit they need. And a constantly rotating Jail roster means every day the Alliances and strategies will feel different.

The Underlords mechanic

OK, now about the Underlords. The Underlords are a special unit that fights alongside your army. They have abilities, which they cast through a resource called Hype (kind of like mana). They get upgrades every loot round, which include a choice of elite skill and talents that upgrade the Underlord’s skills.

The first Underlord shown is Hobgen, a crazy arsonist. Hogben’s theme is lighting units on fire, through which he generates additional hype and deals damage. Explosions, attack speed buffs and AoE damage are all up Hobgen’s alleyway.

Valve promises more Underlords tomorrow, as the company gears towards the Big Update release soon, perhaps as early as next week.

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