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With the Battle Level Bundle getting thrown into our hands last night, the prize pool for The International 2019 has spiked as we reach the $20 Million Dollar mark.

Initially, the prize pool for TI9 was climbing at an extremely fast pace, breaking records along it’s quick climb upwards. However, as the days went on, it steadied and slowly moved upwards – until last night that is. With the Battle Level Bundle going live, the prize pool has had a huge spike and break the $20,000,000 threshold.

This happened around 6 hours ago and the prize pool has still not stopped as it rockets upwards once again – at the current time of writing it had reached a staggering $21,189,047. This trend has always been witnessed with the release of the Battle Level Bundle over the past two years and could possibly push the prize pool even closer to the $30 million-dollar mark for The International 2019. We will only know for sure on Monday, July 1st 2019 just how far this spike will go – but at least we have EPICENTER to watch while we witness it rise.

It has taken approximately 50 days into the Battle Pass for the prize pool to reach the $20m mark and by comparison, this is around eight to ten days faster than the previous two years. With The Immortal Treasure II and Mo’rokai event also releasing next week according to Valve, this is the perfect time for the prize pool to fly up – as people gather their levels with the Bundle.

The Battle Level Bundle is definitely the reason behind this huge spike in TI9 prize pool – as it comes with a massive range of levels and treasures at a discounted price. It is only around for a limited time but until it disappears, there’s a high chance the prize pool will keep rocketing upwards.

With The International 2019 quickly approaching, we are all anxious to see just what this year’s prize pool will be as we now work towards $25 million.

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