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A few minutes ago, Valve released a post on their Twitter account which confirmed that the Immortal Treasure III had been released – and it comes with a total of 7 different immortal items plus a chance at the golden version of one and the other cosmically rare items too.

After the Immortal Treasure II left the Dota 2 community feeling a little underwhelmed, it seems have though Valve have pushed out the third iteration of the yearly Battle Pass treasure in a quicker time frame – not making us wait two months this time. The Immortal Treasure III comes with a chance at the following:

  • Crucible of Rile. (Axe) This piece is a head item with a custom effect for Berserker’s Call.
  • Golden Crucible of Rile. The golden version of the aforementioned item – marked as the treasure’s Bonus Very Rare Reward.
  • Maraxiform’s Fate. (Clinkz) This item is a weapon and summon which gives both Strafe and Burning Army a custom effect.
  • Scythes of Sorrow. (Terrorblade) This is a weapon item which only changes the auto-attack effect of Terrorblade during Metamorphosis.
  • Bloodmayne Avenger. (Lycan) A head piece for the hero which gives Howl a custom effect on both himself and his wolves.
  • Progenitor’s Bane. (Mars) A weapon which gives Spear of Mars a custom effect.
  • First of the Flood. (Slardar) This item is a back piece which creates both a custom sound and animation for Guardian Sprint.
  • Sullen Rampart. (Necrophos) This is a leg item which changes the effect of Ghost Shroud – but is considered the Bonus Ultra Rare Reward from the treasure.
  • Overgrown Emblem. This item was first seen with the Immortal Treasure I for the 2019 Battle Pass and is a Global item which creates a custom ambient effect for your heroes. This is still marked as Cosmically Rare.
  • 50 Battle Pass Levels. A bonus rare reward from the Immortal Treasure III is a chance at a free 50 levels to your Battle Pass.

With only nine days left until The International 2019 kicks off, this is the final Immortal Treasure of the season and we’re waiting to see the community’s reaction to it. So far it would seem that there is a lot of mixed emotion, especially towards Axe receiving more love – but either way, you can find all the Immortal information here.

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