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It has only been little over three days since The International 2019 Battle Pass was released into the grasp of the Dota 2 community and in that short amount of time, the prize pool has sky-rocketed way above any of our expectations.

After reaching $5,000,000 in well under 24 hours, a few days later we find ourselves at the next massive milestone on the TI9 prize pool amount. It has been a little over three days now, but the community have raised the pool all the way to $10,000,000. This has occurred NINE days faster than it did last year – and we won’t even need to explain that it is much faster than years prior to that.

At time of writing, the prize pool had just peaked over the Ten Million marker and is a massive $2,200,000 ahead of the same stage last year. This prize pool has almost equaled the total prize pool of TI4 in only three days – so it remains to be seen just how high it climbs.

So this begs the questions, what is it that everyone is trying to get to in their Battle Pass?

Is it those amazing custom towers?

Or maybe the weird but wonderful Axe?

Possibly the Earthshaker Arcana?

Or maybe there’s a lot more people going for the Aegis instead!

Whatever it might be, the first few days with the Battle Pass have created quite the stir and if assumptions are correct and the prize pool continues on this path, we’re definitely set to finally break the $30,000,000 mark and set all sorts of new records within the Dota 2 and esports world.

Don’t forget that we have an epic competition running for a few more weeks where you stand a chance to win your own TI9 Battle Pass of varying levels. Check it out in the link below if you haven’t already!

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