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Former Denial Esports CEO Robby Ringnalda has co-founded one company and taken a role with another, after mismanaging Denial Esports alongside his co-owner Stephen A. Crystal. The negligent and poor handling of the business lead to the organization’s now dormant state.

After the cessation of esports activities, Ringnalda has apparently started a new business with his wife called Craft Beer Biscuits and lists himself as Co-Founder and CEO.

From their web site:

“At Craft Beer Biscuits, we love our dogs and we love our beer. We decided to combine our two loves by partnering with local craft breweries to create wholesome, delicious dog treats recipes for our furry friends.”

And that’s not his only job.

The former CEO of Denial Esports also lists himself as the Head of Business Development at LOUD Capital, a Columbus-based business investing in and servicing early stage companies.

If you recall, Ringnalda took to Twitter on Oct. 4 and wrote, “I have been spending this last month trying to fix problems that we have had so this doesn’t become a recurring thing. Full time staff/better contracts / better insurances /all around better structure that I myself have let deteriorate by getting side tracked , the massive amounts of $ and investors in the space now make it no longer easy for me to manage like it used to be . We also had a contract dispute that went viral and I have been working every day to make sure both parties are happy with the outcome.”

Immediately following the statement, Ringnalda took off to Florida where he posted pictures of his vacation on his Facebook page. He hasn’t made a statement since. But now, it seems that he found a way to launch a new business and land a job in business development.

Ringnalda appears to have no regard for his former players and staff with which he did not fulfill his contractual obligations. Makes sense considering a wife of one of his former players paid the rent on the team house one month and that he went to anther organization and asked them to “ditch” their team and use their assets to pay his debts.

If we as a community continue to let people like Robby Ringnalda get away with not fulfilling his obligations in paying players, it sends a message to the community that it is ok. Ringnalda and Crystal have a duty and an obligation to make good on their promises.

To start up a new business and then take a position of being a business developer is a slap in the face and a complete insult to anybody that has ever been a part of Denial Esports.

Do you think LOUD Capital, who are, “…early stage venture partners that invest time, capital, and our network to increase the chances of success,” looked into what transpired at Denial Esports?

Bottom line is that Ringnalda and Crystal need to pay their former players or tell us in no uncertain terms that they will never pay them.

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