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How many times has the Dota 2 community called for Puppey and Na’Vi to reunite under the Na’Vi banner? Innumerable would be the word to answer that question. The duo, who played together for four years for Natus Vincere – until Puppey left and formed Team Secret – will be reuniting in the yellow and black of Na’Vi for Midas Mode 2.0! It was made possible by the heroics of none other than SirActionSlacks, who managed to get not just these two together, but the entire Na’Vi team that defeated EHOME 3-1 in the grand finals of TI1 to claim the first ever Aegis.

Na’Vi roster for Midas Mode 2.0 (image: Liquipedia)

Yes, this roster will be playing together after 2913 days; or to make it easier, 7 years, 11 months and 21 days. If you’re wondering how they looked like back then, here’s a blast from the past to refresh your memories.

The TI1 Na’Vi roster (photo: Liquipedia)

The surprsing thing is, this same roster did not play on in the next season as Artstyle left the team a few weeks after The International 2011. However, the five will have a chance to relish the days of TI1 and their rise to fame.

But wait, that’s not all. There is another former TI winning roster that will be playing in Midas Mode 2.0 The Alliance roster from TI3!

Alliance roster from TI3 (image: Liquipedia)

This roster though, isn’t that old. They played together after winning TI3, then split up, got together again in 2015 and won a couple of LAN events. The five of them even played in TI6 together, but after a poor finish, finally decided to go their separate ways. They will be uniting after 1122 days, which is not as many as the Na’Vi roster, but is still quite a bit.

Midas Mode 2.0 is going to be streamed on moonduckTV’s Twitch channel and will be starting on the 24th of September. For everyone who has been watching professional Dota 2 from the very beginning, this is most likely going to be a roller coaster of emotions. Can the old TI winning rosters compete against the two time TI winning team OG? What a start to the 2019-2020 season this is going to be!

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