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Today, the first round of the Group Stage of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship has finished, and the different groups are slowly being shaped, some of them with clear favorites to advance to the next stage and others where anything can happen.

One of those groups where we have a team that absolutely dominates the others is Group D, where Top Esports, DRX, FlyQuest, and Unicorns of Love fight each other for the top 2 positions.

While other groups are pretty close, there is one team in this one whose performance is being remarkable: the Chinese representative, Top Esports, the first seed of their region.

This team did not lose a single game in the first round, and their performance makes everyone clear that they are one of the favorite contenders to take the Championship and increase the LPL trophy case.

After their last game of this first round against Unicorns of Love, Top Esports’ top laner, Bai “369” Jia-Hao gave us an exclusive interview to talk about his feelings regarding his group, his team performance, and more.

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Interview with 369:

Hello 369, thank you for interviewing with VPEsports. You have just played against UOL, what are your feelings about this game?

I made a lot of errors, and I was ganked in the early phase. I feel a bit sorry for my teammates because they’ve already told me.

You picked Jax to play against Camille, what are the advantages of this matchup?

I think the advantages are more obvious when we are past level 6 because Camille in this meta is strong in the early phase, but when we are past level 6, his ult is weaker in the laning phase while Jax’s ult is more useful.

We are seeing very different picks in the top lane, both tanks and carries, what do you like to play the most?

Personally, I prefer fighters and carries, because I’m more used to them, but I’m also learning to master tanks.

What do you think about the current meta? Many people say that it benefits the Chinese teams since your jungle style fits more with the meta, do you agree?

I don’t really think that meta matters, as long as your skills are good enough, like DWG. Actually, they are very strong in all metas.

Until now, how would you rate your own performance? How do you feel the level of other top laners is compared to yours?

In terms of my performance, I don’t know how to rate myself. Compared to me, I think the top laners at Worlds are very strong, and my main purpose here is to play against them and learn after them to improve myself.

You are in Group D, together with DRX, FlyQuest, and UOL, and the first round you have been undefeated. Do you think any of these teams can win you a map in the second round?

I think it’s likely for all of them.

You are the first seed of the LPL, is it an extra pressure for you?

I think there’s not much pressure for me, because personally, the goal I set for myself is not as big, and I just want to focus on my own performance.

Have you seen any other Group games? Do you have any “favorite” team to contest for the championship?

It might be a bit early to talk about the championship. In terms of watching the games of other teams, I watch the games of DAMWON Gaming, Suning, LGD Gaming, JD Gaming, etc. Actually, I watch a lot of teams play, as long as there is a game. The team I’m more concerned about is DAMWON because basically, they are the top 1 right now.

Any words for your fans?

I’ll pay more effort, try to perform well, and reduce my errors in every game.

Thank you again for interviewing with us. Hope TES perform steadily in the games later.

Thank you!

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