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Once a month, I take questions on Twitter and respond to almost all of them in a multi-part series. Below are my answers to the second part of my Pre-Major mailbag. Read the first part here.


I think you have to look at the Liquid changes separately to gain a real sense of how they might benefit from this change. Stewie is a great addition for them because he provides a prominent vocal presence that the team lacks. Everyone else on the roster is typically reserved and while nitr0 has done an excellent job stepping up, stewie can now become the emotional backbone and vocal leader they’ll latch on to. I don’t think roles will be difficult for them to sort out given that they all have so much experience now. Everyone on Liquid outside of Twistzz is a borderline veteran by now.

Adren is an entirely different personality and will obviously be a very different coach compared to Zews. Even though Adren hasn’t coached before, I would have to guess he’ll be working close with nitr0 to work on the strategic side of their game. My assumption is he will coach similar to that of Valens on Cloud9 over the past couple years.  I think Adren’s impact overall is sort of difficult to predict because he hasn’t ever done it before.


There are a number of situations. Things like not revealing exactly where I heard specific information when trying to confirm said information with a separate source. I’m always protecting my sources. Another is knowing when information is on the table for being published and when it isn’t. I’ve made it well-known that anything said out loud at an event is not something I care to publish. I think that would be unethical and I don’t care to do it. I’m not sure that this differs to that of regular journalism though. I would imagine it is similar in that regard.


I do think this is a realistic possibility unless OpTic does something monumental at the Major out of nowhere. Refrezh was a worthwhile addition, but they just won’t have enough time to get all their issues sorted. We will see.


I do not believe Tarik returning is an option. I have been told numerous times that they aren’t on good terms after he left the team to join MiBR. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen, but I think the wounds are a bit too fresh on that one.


I don’t have any insight on their relationship, I wish I did. I’m not sure which roster would be willing to drop two players while simultaneously being a place the two of them would want to join. I think the more realistic possibility is Na’Vi replacing Zeus and/or Edward if their Major run is lackluster.


It’s a hard move to analyze because I don’t really know how long he’ll remain with the team. If Golden replaces him soon, I don’t have much to say other than I hope he makes the most of his time there. Cloud9 is in such an odd predicament that I almost feel a bit sorry for him. A few of the players on the team are not known for their patience with players they feel are less skilled and experienced then them.


It’s a tough discussion to have, but it would feel criminal to give it to anyone other than s1mple.


I’m not sure what their long term plan is at the moment. I was told numerous times that they were in talks with an organization, but I believe the loss of Xantares hampered their prospective options.


I truly believe Astralis is ahead of everyone else by a long margin outside of Team Liquid. Their approach to the game outside the server is similar to that of professional sports clubs. They have around the clock support and resources to maintain their dominance for the entirety of 2019. That said, I don’t believe they’ll win every tournament they enter. There will always be that event where someone isn’t feeling well or they just feel off their game and get an unlucky draw. That happens to everyone at some point.


Cloud9 has a dedicated CS:GO General Manager but managers can only do so much. I’m not sure how much of an impact their manager has had on this roster but they truly did get unlucky with the timing of Golden having health issues. That was unavoidable. Having a dedicated manager or not doesn’t really matter in my opinion, but how much of an impact is a manager allowed to have? Most of them are at the mercy of the players.


I think they are committed to Golden for the time being. That could easily change if he will be out an extended period of time. This is a situation that will likely be played by ear.


A chance? Yes. Do I think they will? No. I don’t think they have had enough time with AdreN and YNk.



I expect ECS to continue as they were, becoming the only remaining online league. To answer the second question, yes I believe moving to an offline league is an overall benefit and improvement to Counter-Strike.


I haven’t heard anything concrete, but the rumor has been that there were some politics in play there. I think he’ll join a team directly after the event, which would almost prove that was the case.


They won’t be able to switch in and out at Majors, so no. As far as an event by event basis, I’m not sure how well it will work. I think it is too risky. The last thing you want is a player upset because they think they would have done better if they were playing. I’m afraid it will take too much micromanagement for it to actually benefit the team.


I expect the team to once again be structured like it used to, considering Fallen is still the in-game leader. It’s likely that zews will influence some minor nuances but overall I expect it to look quite similar.


I used to think we should have three Majors but I’ve grown accustomed to having two each year. Something I would like to see change instead is either moving Majors to before player breaks or moving player breaks to after the Majors.


I don’t think they can, no. Something still seems like it is missing. I see them as a top 5 team.

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