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One of the things I noticed when I was watching BIG at Supernova Malta is that they’ve started to have tabseN primary AWP more on the CT-side. I find this to be a curious choice as Smooya’s role is primary AWPer and he is far less effective on the rifle relative to tabseN. For me this is the BIG AWP question and something that I will be looking for when ESL Pro League starts.


Supernova Malta is a smaller event, so they could be trying to experiment with some roles and positions to see how things go. After all, tabseN and Smooya have different styles of AWPing. TabseN plays far more into the system as he rarely goes for aggressive picks or aggressive moves. Smooya on the other hand is more inconsistent, but will make those wildcard moves that can be sink or swim.


I could see why they’ve decided to do this as when teams run a structured style as BIG do, it makes it far more comfortable to have a reliable consistent AWPer who you know is likely going to play the same way each round and so you can plan and build around that. In the case of Smooya, he might make the aggressive play that works outside of that system. While the move could make BIG more stable on their CT-sides, I think they’d lose an important edge when it comes to the bigger teams. The additional volatility can surprise the better teams and could be the difference between getting an upset or losing close.


We’ll have to see how BIG play it out as we move forward to ESL Proleague in Odense.

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