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In the Lower Bracket of the EU minor, Vitality and Valiance played in an elimination match. The winner moved on to the loser’s finals where they’d at least be guaranteed a play-in spot. The loser was eliminated from the tournament. This was a shockingly close match for a variety of reasons.


In terms of overall experience and having the best player on the server, the Vitality guys were a bit above. The problem though is that NBK is trying to create a structured system and as the team recently made changes, they have yet to hammer that structure down. As for Valiance, they had three advantages coming into this Minor. First, they were a completely unknown quantity, second they had a bunch of mechanically skilled players, and third, their analyst emi, seems really effective at anti-stratting. They used that combination to knock Mouz out of the Minor in the group stages, and even though they lost to Vitality in the groups, the rematch was likely to be a close affair.


That turned out to be the case as the two teams traded maps in the series. The third map of the series was inferno and it was on this map that ZywOo put on a performance that was worthy of the hype that has been attached to him for the last half year. On Inferno, he dropped 32 kills. While the number alone is impressive the raw impact was out of this world.


On the CT-side, he had opening kills on six different rifle rounds: round 4, 5, 7, 12, 14, and 15. In rounds four and 15, he actually opened the round with two opening kills. The most shocking round was probably in round 12 where he got the opening pick and then Valiance tried to trade him. In the ensuing struggle, he took 2 more players down with him. Finally on the CT-side, he won a critical 1v1 against LET1 to win the round.


The T-side wasn’t nearly as dynamic as the AWP is far less useful on that side of the map. However once ZywOo picked up the AWP he was the additional firepower that the French side needed as he helped either open or trade into the sites. The most notable round in particular was round 26 where he got a triple entry kill into banana and won the round for the team.


In terms of raw impact, ZywOo was on another level in this game. While ZywOo was the main star of the game, both RpK and apEX had crucial impact kills on eco rounds that were critical in getting Vitality to the finish line as they ended up barely winning 16-14.

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