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Today I wanted to highlight round 5 at BLAST Lisbon, specifically the post plant situation. CS:GO can be mischaracterized as a game where the game is decided by the ability to click heads. What was amazing about this round then is that it was that aim had no factor in how this round ended. It was purely communication, teamwork, and mind games.


Here is a link to the vod, the round starts at 9:16:


I’ll summarize it quickly. Astralis decide to go with a simple A exec against Astralis. Astralis in this round have gone with a 1-2-2- setup. Two players at B to stop a rush, two players at mid, with one boosted over the top to peek the mid boost, and Xyp9x alone at A. As the round goes down, Na`Vi trade into the site and it ends with a 2v2 postplant scenario.


Gla1ve is able to get the pick on electronic through the use of a molly and timing. He throws the molly to the default plant area and so electronic has to move out of the way, which lets gla1ve pick him with the AWP.


It is now a 1v2 situation with Dupreeh on the long rotate through squeak and gla1ve opting to come from truck. In terms of the timing of the hit, Xyp9x killed two and was traded. This allowed Magisk to rotate in time to kill one, before he was traded by s1mple. That was when electronic planted the bomb and was then picked by gla1ve with an AWP. Given that timing and the meta of CS:GO, s1mple was likely behind quad at that moment. Astralis understand that s1mple’s best play is to stay behind quad. If he makes an unnecessary rotation, he could get picked by gla1ve holding a passive angle from mid. He also knows that Dupreeh is rotating over and will come through either A main or squeak.


At this moment, there are two mind games going on. S1mple continues to move his AWP into angles he thinks have the highest probability of gla1ve peeking as the Astralis players must eventually come for him. As for Astralis, Dupreeh closes in on squeak and gla1ve is just around the corner.


Dupreeh deliberately jumps in squeak. This is clearly a bait by Dupreeh to cause s1mple to look in his direction, which is what s1mple does for a moment, before flicking back to the area where gla1ve is. Gla1ve in turn used that momentary lapse of attention to throw a molly to try to flush him out of the right side. This forces s1mple to focus his attention fully on gla1ve. Gla1ve for his part now acts as the bait as he continually jiggles around the angle. I doubt he can see anything as only his toe randomly sticks out, but it does it’s job of forcing s1mple to focus on him.


At this point in the video, around 10:22, slow down the playback to 0.5. You can hear Dupreeh make the jumping noise, which causes s1mple to flick back towards where Dupreeh is and this is the exact moment where gla1ve fully committed to the peek and kills s1mple.


The entire sequence only lasts for about 8 seconds real time, however you can clearly understand the thoughts and movements of every player in this postplant scenario. I thought it was a brilliant example that showed why Astralis’ teamplay is so famed and how CS:GO is a game that can also be decided by the mind.

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