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To prepare for the IEM Katowice 2019 Major, I’ve collected stats for the 16 competing teams. The stats I picked out was map win-loss record on LAN and individual ratings. The time was restricted to the last three months so as that gives the best overall indicator of recent consistency and form. For the inddividual ratings, I used the ratings from HLTV. The paramaters were on LAN in the last three months. I also give some general thoughts or reactions to the stats that were gathered.


First, here is an image for those who just want to see the raw numbers. Note that I only included the W-L records with the specified 5 man lineup (so in the case of Liquid, I didn’t include any of the wins or losses with the TACO line). The rest of the article notes down what teams they beat and lost too.




Individual Ratings last three months on LAN:

Xyp9x – 1.13

Dupreeh – 1.12

Gla1ve – 1.14

Device – 1.19

Magisk – 1.18


Cache: 1-0

Win: Na`Vi


Dust2: 5-1

Win: HellRaisers, Liquid, FaZe, Na`Vi, coL

Loss: Liquid


Mirage: 5-1

Win: Cloud9, Liquid, Mouz, Mouz, MIBR

Loss: HellRaisers


Inferno: 13-1

Wins: Liquid, Ghost, Cloud9, MIBR, Na`Vi, Liquid, Mouz, Liquid, HellRaisers, ViCi, MIBR, NiP, Cloud9

Loss: MIBR


Nuke: 3-0

Wins: Liquid, NiP, Mouz


Train: 1-3

Wins: Ghost

Loss: Liquid, NiP, MIBR


Overpass: 2-2

Wins: NiP, MIBR

Loss: Liquid, Na`Vi


Observations: Dupreeh’s rating is lower than expected as the only LAN event he’s played in the last month was at IBP Masters, where he had one of the worst tournaments of his career. As for the map pool, the three potential weaknesses are: Train, Overpass, and Cache. Astralis have a losing record on Train and an even record on Overpass. However, only the best teams in the world can beat them on those respective maps. As for Cache, it’s still untested as they’ve only used it to punish pick Na`Vi in the map veto.




Individual Ratings:

Edward – 0.93

Zeus – 0.78

Flamie – 1.01

S1mple – 1.30

Electronic – 1.09


Cache: 0-1

Loss: Astralis


Dust2: 2-3

Wins: Sharks, AVANGAR

Loss: Liquid, Astralis, North


Mirage:  4-1

Wins: ORDER, Ghost, AVANGAR, Heroic

Loss: MIBR


Inferno: 1-4

Wins: FaZe

Loss: Ghost, Liquid, Astralis, Heroic


Nuke: 1-3

Wins: Sharks

Loss: Mouz, Heroic, North


Train: 2-1

Wins: Ghost, Heroic

Loss: Mouz


Overpass: 4-1

Wins: NiP, Cloud9, Astralis, Heroic



Observations: Electronic has fallen off from the godlike form he had in 2018, but Na`Vi will need it if they want to make a deep run here. The map pool of Na`Vi is disintegrating. They only have three world class maps: Overpass, Train, and Mirage. Mirage is potentially questionable as all of their wins come against lesser teams. Outside of that, Na`Vi are losing Inferno, Dust2, and Nuke. Na`Vi look vulnerable headed into the Major.




Individual Ratings:

FalleN – 1.12

Fer – 1.07

Coldzera – 1.18

TACO – 1.00

Felps – 1.08


Map Pool W-L: No relevant data.


Observations: The complete lack of information about MIBR should work in their favor. The big narrative going into the Major will be how their inferno looks as that was the map that made MIBR originally break this lineup back in 2017.




Individual Ratings:

Nitr0 – 1.09

NAF – 1.26

EliGE – 1.20

Stewie2K – 1.05

Twistzz – 1.13


Cache: 1-0

Wins: Fnatic


Dust2: 2-0

Wins: Astralis, Fnatic


Mirage: 1-1

Wins: Luminosity

Loss: Fnatic

Inferno: 1-1

Wins: Ghost

Loss: Astralis


Nuke: N/A


Train: N/A


Overpass: 1-0

Wins: Astralis


Observations: Liquid’s W-L records all come from IBP Masters. That particular LAN had multiple problems with delays, tech issues, and sound issues. Because of that, it’s up to the individual to decide how seriously to take these results and how much they will apply going into the Major. It was also Liquid’s first LAN and they could have radically changed since then.




Individual Ratings:

N0thing – 0.91

ShahZam – 1.04

Dephh – 0.87

Stanislaw – 0.91

Rickeh – 0.66


Train: 0-2

Loss: Fnatic, FaZe


Dust2: 0-1

Loss: Astralis


Overpass: 0-1

Loss: BIG


Cache: 0-2

Loss: BIG, FaZe


Observations: Not much data to go off of as this 5 man lineup was eliminated out of IBP Masters and ELeague Invitational quickly. What information is there data doesn’t look good though.




Individual Ratings:

Gob b- 0.87

tabseN – 1.17

tiziaN – 0.90

Nex – 1.12



Map Pool W-L: No relevant data.


Observations: Nex’s individual ratings need to be taken with a grain of salt. The numbers are inflated due to his performance at Supernova Malta where he smashed TyLoo and Gambit. While BIG played at ELeague Invitational, that was with Smooya so I didn’t include their map W-L records from that LAN.




Individual Ratings:

ANGE1 – 1.00

Hobbit – 1.06

Woxic – 1.17

DeadFox – 0.90

ISSAA – 1.10


Cache: N/A


Dust2: 3-3

Wins: TyLoo, Gambit, BOOT-d[S]

Loss: Astralis, G2, G2


Mirage: 3-2

Wins: TyLoo, Renegades, Astralis

Loss: NRG, G2


Inferno: 3-1

Wins: BIG, G2, Chosen5

Loss: Astralis


Nuke: N/A


Train: 0-1

Loss: BIG


Overpass: 0-3

Loss: NRG, BIG, G2

Observations: HellRaisers most played map is Dust2, but they don’t have any wins against top teams on the map. Mirage and Inferno seem a bit better in that regard. The problem with Mirage though is that they lost it to G2 at the PLG Grand Slam which is worrying. Outside of that, HellRaisers don’t have much of a map pool. They should be easy to exploit in the bo1 Swiss Stage as you only need to remove Mirage, Inferno, and Dust2.





AdreN – 0.96

Olofmeister – 1.02

GuardiaN – 1.07

NiKo – 1.13

Rain – 0.98


Cache: 2-0

Wins: coL, BIG


Dust2: N/A


Mirage: 1-1

Wins: FaZe

Loss: Cloud9


Inferno: 2-0

Wins: BIG, Cloud9


Nuke: N/A


Train: 2-3

Wins: coL, Cloud9

Loss: Ghost, Ghost, BIG


Overpass: 1-1

Wins: Luminosity

Loss: Cloud9




Individual Ratings:

Daps – 0.91

FugLy – 0.98

Brehze – 1.22

Ethan – 1.21

CeRq – 1.16


Cache: 2-2

Wins: FURIA, Virtus.Pro

Loss: Ghost, North


Dust2: N/A


Mirage: 4-3

Wins: TyLoo, Envy, HellRaisers, Liquid

Loss: Ghost, MIBR, Liquid


Inferno: 7-2

Wins: TyLoo, FURIA, Bravado, Ghost, MIBR, Virtus.Pro, North

Loss: Liquid, Liquid


Nuke: 2-2

Wins: Winstrike, Imperial

Loss: North, NiP


Train: 3-0

Wins: Bravado, North, Kinguin


Overpass: 5-2

Wins: Liquid, Liquid, HellRaisers, Envy, ViCi

Loss: MIBR, Liquid


Observations: While I have a respect for NRG’s trio of stars, I don’t think it’s likely that they won’t keep putting up these numbers going into the Legends Stage as the players and teams will be of the highest level.




Individual Ratings:

Jks – 1.23

AZR – 1.13

Jkaem – 1.19

Gratisfaction – 1.08

Liazz – 1.08


Cache: 5-1

Wins: Grayhound, Grayhound, Mouz, G2, BIG

Loss: TyLoo


Dust2: 1-0

Wins: 5POWER


Mirage: 8-4

Wins: ENCE, NiP, Grayhound, Grayhound, ViCi, 5POWER, Alpha Red, AGO

Loss: TyLoo, Heroic, HellRaisers, Mouz, ViCi


Inferno: 4-3

Wins: Vici, Aequus, ViCi, TeamOne

Loss: AGO, Heroic, Grayhound


Nuke: 1-0

Wins: ENCE


Train: 6-1

Wins: Alpha Red, Heroic, BIG, G2, ViCi, AVANGAR

Loss: Mouz


Overpass: 0-2

Loss: G2, BIG


Observations: The individual ratings of Gratisfaction and Liazz are a bit misleading as both players had fantastic showings at the IEM Katowice Challengers Stage where they went 1.19 and 1.14 respectively. The most interesting thing about Renegades map pool was their victory against ENCE on Nuke. If the team has become a solid team on Nuke, that could give them the edge they need to make it out to the playoffs of the Major.




Individual Ratings:

Allu – 1.24

Aerial – 1.18

xseveN – 1.01

Aleksib – 1.11

Sergej – 1.23


Cache: N/A


Dust2: 3-2

Wins: Winstrike, HAVU, OpTic

Loss: Valiance, G2


Mirage: 4-2

Wins: G2, Windigo, Valiance, SyperJymy

Loss: Winstrike, Renegades


Inferno: 3-0

Wins: North, Windigo, Bravado


Nuke: 2-2

Wins: Spirit, Heroic

Loss: OpTic, Renegades


Train: 8-0

Wins: Winstrike, HAVU, North, Valiance, ex-Space Soldiers, Bravado, Heroic, OpTic


Overpass: 3-0

Wins: G2, SyperJymy, G2


Observations: The Finns are dominating the tier 2 level of Counter-Strike and have fairly good win records across all of their maps. Among their maps, I think they play the best on Train, Inferno, and Mirage.




Individual Ratings:

NBK – 1.09

RpK – 0.98

apEX – 1.03

ALEX – 0.85

ZywOo – 1.35


Cache: 0-1

Loss: Valiance


Dust2: 3-1

Wins: Valiance, Valiance, OpTic

Loss: North


Mirage: 1-1

Wins: Valiance

Loss: North


Inferno: 3-2

Wins: ViCi, North, Valiance

Loss: TyLoo, Valiance


Nuke: 3-1

Wins: ViCi, Grayhound, North

Loss: North


Train: N/A


Overpass: 1-0

Wins: Vega


Observations: The ratings display how ZywOo has become the hard carry of this team. One thing to note is that NBK has a great showing at the Challengers Stage. Vitality’s best maps seem to be Dust2 and Nuke.




Individual Ratings:

Fitch – 1.11

Buster – 1.15

KrizzeN – .99

Qikert – 1.14

Jame – 1.26


Cache: 4-2

Wins: TyLoo, North, G2, Vega

Loss: Winstrike, Windigo


Dust2: 5-2

Wins: Winstrike, Spirit, pro100, Winstrike, pro100

Loss: Na`Vi, G2


Mirage: 2-3

Wins: Furia, Winstrike

Loss: Na`Vi, North, forZe


Inferno: 3-2

Wins: TyLoo, pro100, Windigo

Loss: North, G2


Nuke: N/A


Train: 3-3

Wins: ShotCallers, Vega, Windigo

Loss: Renegades, Winstrike, Winstrike


Overpass: 3-0

Wins: G2, Na`Vi, Spirit


Observations: Dust2 is clearly AVANGAR’s best map as it was the one they used to dominate the CIS Minor. Every team subsequently banned it and that will likely continue in the Legends Stage. Another thing to note is that while AVANGAR are 3-3 on Train, they aren’t that great on Train as all of their wins came against worse teams and all of their losses came to against equal or better teams.




Individual Ratings:

F0rest – 1.11

GeT_RiGhT – 1.02

Dennis – 1.01

Lekr0 – .95

REZ – 1.10


Cache: N/A


Dust2:  N/A


Mirage: 3-2

Wins: ViCi, Vega, FURIA

Loss: Renegades, Mirage


Inferno: 1-2-1

Wins: North

Loss: ViCi, Astralis

Draw: FaZe


Nuke: 1-1

Wins: NRG

Loss: Astralis


Train: 3-1

Wins: ViCi, Vega, Astralis

Loss: Winstrike


Overpass: 1-4

Wins: North

Loss: Na`Vi, Astralis, Cloud9, Vega


Observations: The weirdest thing about NiP are the ratings of dennis and lekr0. Both players are capable of putting up star numbers, but are lackluster in this squad. It makes sense as dennis has become a role player while lekr0 is the in-game leader. Overall, NiP’s map eclectic map pool could give them an advantage in this Swiss system as most teams don’t play Nuke.




Individual Ratings:

Flusha – 1.07

kioShiMa – 1.07

RUSH – .91

Autimatic – 1.07

Zellsis – .98


Cache: 2-0

Wins: BIG, Furia


Overpass: 4-1

Wins: Fnatic, FaZe, BIG, Winstrike

Loss: Renegades


Mirage: 3-3

Wins: FaZe, Cloud9, Grayhound

Loss: Astralis, Fnatic, Furia


Inferno: 1-2

Wins: Furia

Loss: FaZe, ViCi


Train: 0-1

Loss: FaZe


Nuke: 1-0

Wins: Winstrike


Observations: KioShiMa’s rating is a bit misleading as he has been trending upwards in the last few tournaments. While the Map W-L records look great, many of the better victories came from ELeague Invitational and Cloud9 have yet to replicate that level of form at the Major.




Individual Ratings:

JaCkz – 1.09

Shox – 1.07

kennyS – 1.10

Bodyy – 1.01

Lucky – 1.15


Cache: 3-2

Wins: TyLoo, Vega, Shotcallers

Loss: AVANGAR, Renegades


Dust2: 8-1

Wins: TyLoo, Fnatic, Sharks, HellRaisers, AVANGAR, HellRaisers, INTZ, ENCE

Loss: Fnatic


Mirage: 1-5

Wins: HellRaisers

Loss: TyLoo, Fnatic, Fnatic, INTZ, ENCE


Inferno: 1-1


Loss: HellRaisers


Nuke: 1-2

Wins: Sharks

Loss: Liquid, Bravado


Train: 0-2

Loss: Sharks, Renegades


Overpass: 5-4

Wins: Fnatic, Shotcallers, Renegades, HellRaisers, INTZ



Observations: Shox and KennyS both did well during the Challengers stage, so that is looking up for the team. Additionally, Lucky also had a goodd Challengers stage as well. The problem is that the team has been inconsistent. As for the map pool, G2 only have two good maps: Overpass and Dust2. While they can play Cache and Inferno, their chances on either of those maps is more variable. Overall, their map pool is too shallow for me to think they can go far in the Legends Stage.

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