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LDLC made a great run at IEM Chicago as they were able to get top six at the event. They were eliminated by Liquid in the quarterfinals, but were able to give a good accounting for themselves for the first map and a half as they won Overpass and were able to run up a good T-side on Cache before being eliminated.


Soon after, I started to see arguments pop up on social media that LDLC kicking Ex6TenZ was the right move as LDLC made a good run at this event while G2 still continue to struggle. While it may be true that kicking Ex6TenZ was the right move from the part of the LDLC team, how people are justifying it doesn’t make sense as it is purely results oriented.


For context, LDLC Ex6TenZ was kicked on February 2018. In his place, the team got logan. Right after the kick happened, they bombed out of ESL Proleague and were relegated to Premier.


In terms of single factor analysis, this is the most fair comparison we can make between LDLC with Ex6TenZ and LDLC without Ex6TenZ as they had the most players in common. If we were looking at this through purely results oriented analysis, then kicking Ex6TenZ was clearly the wrong move.


As for LDLC, Maniac retired and DEVIL was kicked from the team. In their place, LDLC got two star players in Amanek and Devoduvek. These were previously players that were two of the main stars on the Misfits lineup back from 2017-2018.


At this point it makes zero sense to think of the Ex6TenZ kick as either right or wrong as we have no indication of how he would have done managing either of those two players in the current LDLC.


That’s why it is completely nonsensical to think that LDLC doing well with two new star players somehow proves that the Ex6TenZ kick was right. As for comparing G2 and LDLC, we’d have to pin down Ex6TenZ as the primary factor as to why G2 is failing.


When I look at G2, there are two points of reason as to what you could blame Ex6TenZ for. I think his calls were bad at the Major and the team doesn’t have a well developed map pool. The rest of the problems come from the GMing of the team or individual skill. Ex6TenZ already revealed that his actual dream team was the G2 lineup except with NBK instead of bodyy. Shox won’t play with NBK or apEX and bodyy has wavered between average and underwhelming. At the same time kennyS has lost form and it’s hard to say how much you want to pin that on the in-game leader considering kennyS is notorious for being mercurial when it comes to playing CS.

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