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Yesterday Nel reported that there is a potential player swap between Heroic and North. Niko from Heroic would go to North while mertz, who is currently benched, would go to Heroic. There are two views to look at this, so we’ll start with the positive side and look at North.


North realized that mertz had a clear ceiling he had hit. Neither MSL nor ave could make him a better player than he already was. As a player he is the typical young flicky aggressive AWPer. The problem though is that he doesn’t have the high highes of draken and he has worse lows. On top of that, he is inexperienced and I’d imagine that he needs to build up a longer career to figure out how to play better at mid-late rounds or how to work in a team better.


North is a team that has higher aspirations and while MSL has shown he can accelerate the growth of young Danish players into stars, this experiment with Mertz has clearly run its course. The player they’d get in return is niko. I’ve seen bits and pieces of niko since joining Heroic. He seems like a talented rifler with a pretty decent deagle. Overall I’d say he is a better player than mertz, though he isn’t an AWPer. Overall, I think the trade off is worth it. MSL can do utility AWPing on the CT-side if they need it, but for the most part they should try to do the Liquid 5 rifle style and they should become better as a result.


On top of that, MSL has had a pretty good track record of raising young Danish talents and he could make niko a better player on LAN if he integrates into the system correctly.


As for the Heroic side of the deal, I think it’s a slight loss. The timing of it doesn’t make much sense to me in that they just added AcilioN so it’s unlikely they know how good the overall roster is at current time. But I can see why they’d want an AWPer so I can sort of see their reasoning there (though I’d consider JDM over mertz personally). Overall I think it’s a worse trade for Heroic, though it’s consistent in their history of losing all of their good players over time. It’s like some demented version of Theseus ship where they replace the parts with slightly worse parts over time.

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