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Sometime this week, I will be publishing an article about the general management of FalleN from 2014-2017 as I consider it to be one of the best and most informative periods in terms of thinking of how teams should play the GM game in the CS:GO scene. For now, I’ll boil it down to this. FalleN and the LG/SK lineup were consistently able to recognize when a lineup had hit it’s ceiling. They then figured out what the problem was whether that was in-game or within the team and then made a move to bring in a Brazilian player that was a fit for the team. Each time they did it, they had a clear role and plan in mind for each subsequent change.


The original Luminosity lineup with boltz and steel hit a ceiling. We also know now that boltz didn’t have the rigor to keep improving. So they got fnx and TACO. At the time, fnx was incrediibly motivated to play and the LG guys could confirm it since he was playing under Games Academy, which was FalleN’s team. TACO was someone they knew could fit the roles they wanted. After Fnx ran out of steam, they replaced him with felps. In retrospect we know, he wasn’t the right fit role wise, the original plan at the time was to do an extremely aggressive style based around fer and felps. While that didn’t work as well as they wanted, there was a clear plan to that move as well. Finally, when we get to boltz coming back in, it was because they knew he could play the roles they wanted of him and that he had improved himself as a player in skill and mentality at that time. The subsequent moves of getting Stewie2k was a vast deviation from that model and was likely cause because of the high buyouts of the Brazilian players at the time. Getting tarik after that felt more like doubling down on the idea they were to be an international squad.


After trying that out, perhaps they thought that the old way of how they managed the team was better. Their action certainly speaks to this as they are now actively in discussions in trying to get Brazilian players like kNg or Kscerato. While I don’t think they have the right players yet to become a top team, I do think that style of how they managed their team was critical to their success. As that’s the case, I still think this is the step in the right direction for the team in terms of becoming a top team in the world once again.


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