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VPEsports has reported that Tarik will replace FugLy on NRG. This move was likely something the org or team may have thought about before the Major. With NRG going 0-3 in the Legends Stage, something had to change. While the team had a good one year long run where they surpassed everyone’s expectations, they were starting to hit a ceiling.


For NRG, there were only two ways to break out of that ceiling: gaining experience or making a roster change. In the first instance, the experience the NRG guys needed was learning how to deal with nerves. This is something that they have yet to figure out. As that’s the case, they seem to be opting for a roster change.


On paper, tarik for FugLy can be a straight upgrade. Tarik has shown that he can be versatile enough to play the same roles that fugly did on the roster. The problem with that assumption is that I think tarik is someone who wants to play a star role in his teams, especially after his time on MIBR. As that’s the case, I’m uncertain how things will change role wise within the team.


The bigger factor to look at is mental. Tarik has two qualities that we know of. First is that he’s a Major Champion, someone who has already been to the top of CS:GO (even if briefly). That experience could help the others on this team. The other thing to consider is that Tarik is a wildcard player. Someone who will randomly push the smoke or make a play across the map that the other team won’t expect. NRG have never had that kind of player before and it could push them to the next level.


The final thing to consider with bringing Tarik into NRG is the dynamic between him and daps. When daps led OpTic, they also recruited tarik. At the time tarik and the team replaced him with stanislaw. While tarik has already stated he respects daps a lot more as a leader and player now, the dynamic between daps and tarik will be an important one for this team to succeed going forward.

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