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There are some changes coming to how teams can make their way to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Majors according to a report from HLTV.

The report claims that an email sent to tournament organizers has informed them of “plans to replace the current Major invitation format with a ranking system,” the article reads.

The ranking system will be including two additional tournaments ahead of the Fall Major, an unannounced event as of now.

Teams can earn points from the Spring’s ESL One Rio Major as well as the aforementioned two other events prior to the Fall Major.

Tournament organizers have been asked to make proposals for the two events with the following criteria being provided:

  • The event will be between July and September.
  • The event will result in a LAN portion with a minimum of 8 teams. The portion of the event preceding the LAN competition can be online or LAN.
  • The event will include a minimum of 24 teams, of which 16 slots are available to teams by Major ranking, and 8 are selected by a process of the TO’s choosing.
  • The event results will differentiate between the top 16 performing teams and the remaining teams.
  • Initial seeding for the event will be done by Major ranking.
  • Valve will match up to $250k in prize money.

The July and September event dates goes against the previously set summer player break set by the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association which is slotted to run from July 15th to August 15th this year.

Valve also made sure that organizers knew they would not be placing “any constraints on the format, size, and location” of the events.

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