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Valve has released it’s latest update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The March 7 update provides updates to several maps including Vertigo, Biome, and Abbey.

Also included was the addition of the commemorative graffiti as part of the reward for the Katowice showmatch which saw several duos competing in the games Danger Zone game mode.

This update follows just a day after Valve introduced an update allowing players to hide the avatars of other players in the server along with muting teams or blocking communication with anyone you’re not grouped up or friends with.

The previous update also featured the addition of the -d3d9ex command which can be added to the games launch options to “reduce CPU memory use by about 40%.”

You can find the full March 7 patch notes below:


-Gameplay updates to bombsite A
-Updated art
-Enabled bombsite A in Wingman

-Added commemorative graffiti for Katowice Showmatch

Reverted the following January update changes:
-Reopened connector between between A main and A long.
-Reopened mid lower entry.

– Added half body cover on B bombsite
– Moved B long closer to bombsite
– Reworked exit from underpass to B bombsite
– Removed walls from B long entry to bombsite
– Extended B bombsite allowing terrorists to plant the bomb behind crates
– Opened ivy roof on B bombsite allowing grenades being thrown from underpass
– Added glow sticks in gate house for better visibility
– Added small crate on A bombsite to allow CTs to hold barn from behind half body cover
– Removed wooden fences outside A bombsite
– Added visuals for drop from upper CT spawn to sewer
– Added clipping to prevent weapons being thrown outside of CT spawn
– Reworked library
– Fixed clipping in some places

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