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After years of asking for it, Valve has finally given a longer calendar of their CS:GO Majors. Valve has now requested proposals from tournament organizers for set days for the next two years.

According to the report from HLTV, an email was sent out to tournament organizers requesting such proposals and also supplied dates that have been provided below. This is a bit different as typically tournament organizers provided pitches with their own dates.

The dates provided for the next two years are as follows:


  • May 11-24
  • November 2-15


  • May 10-23
  • November 1-14

Worth noting is the length of time the dates cover, down from three week events to two when comparing with the 2018-2019 events.

This is seen as a win for the CSPPA who had been advocating for the Majors placement throughout the year to be adjusted to provide ample time to prepare for the event while also enjoying time off during player breaks.

Additional details gathered in the report state that Valve has suggested the event be held in a timezone that will cater to most and also that the Minors take place in the same country as the Major to allow for Visa issues to be addressed ahead of time.

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