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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Fnatic have decided to kick out Golden and pick up Xizt. The original report is from nel at Flickshot. I’m uncertain about this move as the benefits don’t seem to outweigh the negatives. Here is what we know of both players.



More experience

Better at clutching

Better individual player

Led NiP to an ever declining state of disaster*



New igl to the top level

Worse individually

Led Fnatic to become one of the better teams in the world*


The * are there to point out caveats to both statements. For instance with NiP, the problem with that team was their refusal to switch players forever and let go of a bunch of Swedish talent. On the other hand Xizt had both draken and rez and wasn’t able to make it work except for some inspired individual performances and THREAT pauses.


For Golden, we can’t say how much his system helped Fnatic grow, but there is a correlation between KRiMZ becoming one of the great players again and this Fnatic system becoming more structured. At the same time JW has gotten worse so there were trade offs here.


With Xizt coming into the fold, we can see a direct contrast between this lineup and the Golden lineup and see what the difference is. While they’ll be playing a bit differently (given that Xizt is more loose), we can see how this affects the other pieces on the squad.

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