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The post IEM Katowice 2019 roster shuffle has become one of the craziest we’ve seen in CS:GO history. After the Major, it looked like no moves were going to happen, but Cloud9 trying to get suNny and Mouz reshuffling their deck has cascaded into five different teams changing their lineups.

The most recent report comes from RUSHB who stated that k0nfig is no longer leaving OpTic and that instead Snappi will be removed if they can acquire MSL and niko. If I had to speculate what happened from the outside, I’d say that some of the OpTic players were discontent after a year of failure under Snappi. So when Cloud9’s talks with suNny fell through, they tried to get some of the Danish players from that team.

At this point, the thread of reasoning becomes more opaque because a lot of different things happen. Once Rogue acquired niko, MSL was able to elevate Rogue and start qualifying for LAN events. This could have proved to OpTic that MSL still had it as an in-game leader or maybe OpTic thought that in order to get k0nfig to stay, they needed to recruit MSL as k0nfig had his highest career success with MSL as leader. The reverse is also true as OpTic is far more enticing for MSL if k0nfig stays on as k0nfig has shown the most promise of any player on that roster.

Whatever the case is, I think OpTic have made a lot of good moves. While I don’t buy into MSL as an AWPer, OpTic will only gain from having MSL as their in-game leader. Overall, it looks like OpTic will win this roster shuffle if they can get the MSL and niko move through.

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