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So after breaking down the pure hype that will be the next season of Game of Baguettes, the reality is that these 5 players do have to play CS:GO. This isn’t actually scripted so if these players want their revenge, they must make it happen in the server. To recap the prospective lineup is: apEX, NBK, Zywoo, Happy, and RpK. The coach is faculty.


So let’s start with the first issue, NBK’s leadership. Everything I know about this guy makes him look like he’d be a good leader from the outside. He’s payed all of the roles at a high level of success, he has played under and with some of the best French leaders, and he has the work ethic. However history has told us that he continually lets go of the leadership. On top of that, he has already tried to get into the shox lineup and has tried to get offers from teams outside of France.


So this becomes a question of the org. Dekay reported the rumor is Vitality. Whatever the case, the problem remains the same. The org must get NBK to buy into their vision for the future of this team. They have to convince him to stick with this in the long term, much in the same way that G2 did with Shox. When G2 was the lesser French team, they rose up to take the mantle and took the power from the other French team. This is what the new org has to do.


But in order to do that, the two other pieces they have to get working are apEX and faculty. I see no problems with apEX as I think he’s a soldier. (The Ned Stark of this Game of Baguettes if you will). He does his job, he does it well. He has the work ethic and you combine him with NBK and you have a set team culture for two out of the five players. Faculty is the question mark for me. The coach will have two jobs beyond the tactical. The first is implementing this team culture of hard work into the rest of the team. The second is getting the rest of the team to buy into NBK as a leader. Where NBK may be the leader, someone else needs to be the emotional center of the team. After watching NBK’s career, I still think he lacks that aspect of leadership so he needs a Freakazoid to his seangares. In this case, faculty would be the best choice from an org perspective.


The third problem here is Happy. We know that Happy is like a Norse God, almost completely unchanging. They need to get him on board as a player giving 100% of his effort. If he doesn’t then a crack could form and if (when) G2 needs a new player, one of the best players from this team could jump ship and join them instead. As for RpK, I don’t see much of a problem with him. He seems to do his job well and was completely professional in the EnVyUs breakup. Perhaps he could be the one to get Happy to buy into NBK.


The final piece will be Zywoo. I don’t know anything about his personality or work ethic or how that will fit into the team. However given the history of the various players involved, I’d like for apEX to play the big brother role in this case. apEX’s long partnership with kennnyS gives him a unique insight into what an AWPer needs in a system both tactically and emotionally.


These are the problems that face the new French team, and we haven’t gotten into the roles yet, though those look fairly set as there isn’t any overlap here. apEX is the entry, Zywoo the AWPer, Happy the lurker, RpK likely part of the pack or second man in. NBK will fill in whatever else is needed. The CT-sided could get complicated, but we won’t know how that looks until it plays in the server.


The most important thing to note is that this team is under some level of time constraint. They have to get into a position where the player won’t abandon ship if a better opportunity comes knocking.

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