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As the problem with hackers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive seemingly gets worse, one teenager has created a new way to help combat the problem.

The artificial intelligence system was built by 2Eggs, the same 19-year-old who was awarded $11,450 for helping Valve uncover bugs connected to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Steam itself. Turning in three separate bugs, 2Eggs was given $200, $1,500, and $9,750.

Those interested or capable can report such bugs through HackerOne, a platform that provides a way for hackers to do some good and be rewarded for it.

According to 2Eggs, he is completely self-taught and started to meddle with computers at the age of 10 he informed The Loadout.

His new creation, which is titled HestiaNet is built through game demos from 2015 until present and is trained to separate suspicious behavior from the norm. The more it sees, the better it gets at detecting such abnormalities.

He runs the program from his main CS:GO account and lets it do its job. When watching an overwatch case, HestiaNet can determine whether the person is cheating in just a few seconds of gameplay.

After handing down its verdict, HestiaNet records the SteamID and periodically checks to see if a ban has been handed out and adjusts its decision making based on that information to become even more accurate with its verdicts.

“I called it HestiaNet because, as you know, CS:GO is infested with cheaters and the Goddess Hestia has a power of healing as well as power of hearth and fire,” he told The Loadout. “I want HestiaNet to heal over the games infestation and to get rid of as many cheaters as possible. To many of us in the community, CS:GO is a home, and Hestia is also the protector of the house.”

Of 17,659 cases HestiaNet has combed through, 15,356 were provided a guilty verdict and 15,104 were issued a ban through Valve. While many who are reported have been deemed suspicious but several players to find themselves put into the system, it’s amazing to see the numbers come out so clearly from the artificial intelligence system.

Whether or not Valve will look into this and speak with 2Eggs regarding his new program is unknown, but we appreciate any work being done to thwart the plans of those wishing to cheat in Counter-Strike.

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