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Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar has been living large on Twitch for some time as one of the most tenured broadcasters on the platform. Recently he’s been in the spotlight as the top streamer in the VALORANT section, breaking the 200,000 viewer mark on more than one occasion thanks to the beta access drops that were being given out on select channels before being added to every VALORANT stream.

While he’s undoubtedly thankful for that opportunity, that same system has led to an influx of what he very strongly views as problems with the game’s section on Twitch.

“This is the fakest section on Twitch!” he said. “It’s the absolute fakest section on Twitch right now, am I wrong? Am I f*cking wrong? Look at that number,” he added while looking at the VALORANT section with its 276,000 viewers. “Is that real? Not even f**king close! Not even f**king close!”

As he started to scroll through the section, he drew attention to his main complaint – the 24/7 channels where people are playing VOD content as if it’s live in order to maintain views from people trying to get drops.

“Just stare at this section,” summit said. “How many 24/7 drops, how many 24/7s can you see just scrolling down this section at a mediocre speed… how many f*cking 24/7s are on this category?!” he yelled.

He didn’t stop there though and didn’t hold back while direct attacks at those running these channels. “You should all be f*cking ashamed. You are not Twitch streamers, you’re not even YouTubers because you’re not even putting in the work that they put in. There’s no editing, you f*cking throw up your VOD as soon as you go offline, like I’m playing my f*cking outro video,” he said.

While certainly animated regarding the situation, summit provides some valid points regarding the section and the issues he believes currently plague it.

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