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This question comes from Ryuzaki who asks:

A: This is a hard question as I think Astralis are on the way to becoming the greatest team of all time in CS:GO. I don’t think there is currently any formation of five players and a coach that can definitively take out Astralis, so instead what I’ll come up with is the squad that I think has the best chance to do it.


When constructing a theoretical squad, you have to decide what the cornerstone is behind it. In general that means either a leader or a superstar player. Among leaders, the only two I think that have a shot are Karrigan and FalleN. However Karrigan seems to have lost his confidence and I think the only way he could do it is by using a system that forces a roster shuffle every 5 months. As for FalleN, I don’t think there is a core of players that necessarily works with him right now. I don’t think reuniting the core of FalleN, Coldzera, fer, and TACO would work as if it did, they would have stuck it out. While I think FalleN is the in-game leader that can do it and MIBR have had close matches against Astralis, they’ve yet to prove to me they can consistently beat the rest of the field. I suspect that if MIBR does become the world’s best team, then it would probably be with one or two Brazilian players we haven’t heard of before.


So in that case, I’ll go the other way. I’ll pick a superstar player and that comes down to either NiKo or s1mple. While you can build with NiKo and get a larger pool of players from an international cross section, there is no leader that I think could manage that situation any longer. Karrigan was that leader, but for obvious reasons that won’t work again.


On top of that s1mple is a once in a generation player, so it makes sense to go with him. As for who I’d build around him, I think you have to take electronic with you. They already have synergy and an understanding of the game playing off of each other in Na`Vi. Then for the next two players, I’ll go with Hobbit and AdreN. Hobbit would be my third star and AdreN would be my support player. I think both players showed they can be system like players and both have a good all-around game.


As for the leader, the best choice is likely ANGE1. While Zeus has a tried and true system, the problem with him is that it takes 6 months to get off the ground and I think his map veto is a terrible weakness when going against a team that can play 7 maps. So I’d like to go with ANGE1 as I think he can run a loose style that could enable the other four players.


As for coach, I don’t know enough about the various CIS coaches to give a good answer. So instead I’ll just pick the guy whose tactics I respect the most. I’d pick Blad3 as I think he has a brilliant mind for the game. While his style could clash with with what they have, I think it would be worth a shot. If that doesn’t work, I’d probably go with Johnta as he has a working relationship with ANGE1.

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