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Today’s Mailbag comes from Alexander Jonsson. He asks


Mousesports is in a curious situation. I think their GM did a good job pre-Snax shuffle. They had a mix of veterans, young players, and the right roles/styles of each player. However they then made the swap for STYKO to Snax which put them behind.


That could be a blessing in disguise though as it forced the team to recognized what STYKO was bringing to the lineup. It should have also made the management realize that their current team is in a precarious situation.


What I mean by that is that they are a top 5 team in the world. I think the move for Snax was to try to boost them into a top 3 or higher squad. However either the team or management didn’t realize that Snax wasn’t the right type of player. In their current situation, they have to be incredibly careful of who they switch in or out as the majority of top players would likely set this team back because it would upset the balance of roles in the team.


At the same time however, they don’t want to lose their position in the world. Consider the world rankings for a minute. I think Astralis, Na`Vi, and Liquid are better teams than Mouz. FaZe would likely be in that category as well, though I think because of FaZe’s instability they could go even in the head-to-head. The current problem for Mouz is that while they are currently a top 5 team, the Swedes are coming behind them. Both NiP and Fnatic have shown a lot of growth and they might take Mouz’s spot in the world rankings come the Major.


Luckily for Mouz, their team is built around two young stars in suNny and ropz. That is why I don’t think they currently need a roster change and should try to build around them. SuNny is still one of the best players in the world. As for ropz, I think he’s recently hit his sophomore slump and will either need to refine his game or add something to it if he wants to continue being a star player.


As for ChrisJ, STYKO, and oskar, they have all been doing their jobs well. ChrisJ is overqualified to be an in-game leader skill wise and his incredibly impactful rounds in high pressure moments for the team. STYKO is the glue guy. Oskar for my money still has the best ceiling of any  player on this team.


Overall, it’s one of the better teams in the world and I think they have good chances against some of the elite teams in the world.

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