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It was a rough game for Joshua “steel” Nissan and he didn’t hold back letting out that frustration. The player went on an epic rant with arm flailing and all.

During an FPL (Faceit Pro League) match, steel unbeknownst to himself was left in a 1 vs 5 with a scoreline of 15-14. After picking up the first kill and making the call that the enemy team would be showing aggression right away (which they did), he was trade-killed and then came to the realization saying, “Oh, you’re all dead.”

This is where it began as he began reeling about his team to his stream, “This f*cking team just f*cking runs around.” From there, the former Ghost Gaming in-game leader began to flail his arms around and make incoherent sounds in an attempt to mimic what he believe his teammates were doing.

That wasn’t the end though and he did return to a coherent and understandable state in which he stated “they just need to slow down. They just need to slow the f*ck down.”

“Whatever f”ucking thought comes into their brain, they just need to be like I’m going to take five seconds to think about this actually,” he went on.

This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last time we see a high level player reach their wits end during pug style matches, however, it was certainly at least an entertaining moment for his viewers.

steel is currently teamless after Ghost Gaming elected to let the CS:GO teams contracts expire. Matthew “WARDELL” Yu is the only player still under contract with the organization.

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