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Photo: StarLadder

Today StarLadder announced that they will be hosting two WCS Circuit events for Starcraft 2 in 2019. Both will be hosted at Kiev. In addition to that, the esports manager of StarLadder, Alex Trushliakov, tweeted that StarLadder will also be hosting the next CS:GO Major:

StarLadder has always been one of the oldest staples in the CS:GO scene and one of the few organizers to have invested in the scene during it’s initial stages dating all the way back to 2013. One of their first events for CS:GO was StarLadder StarSeries V where Virtus.Pro (the lineup with Dosia, AdreN, kucher, ANGE1, and fox) ended the NiP 87-0 streak. In recent years, StarLadder teamed up with ImbaTV to help organize their events. This partnership has helped increase the production levels of the overall product and has made them one of the best tournament organizers in the world.

If what Alex Trushliakov says is true, then the CS:GO Major will be the biggest tournament that StarLadder will have hosted for the CS:GO scene.

*In a follow up tweet, Alex clarified that he meant StarLadder was planning to host a premier tournament.

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