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After being reported by our team yesterday, Owen “smooya” Butterfield has stepped down from the active roster of Berlin International Gaming (BIG). In his place, Johannes “nex” Maget will return to the lineup after some time away to deal with injuries and healing his wrists.

“Today, it’s with a heavy heart that we announce that smooya will be stepping down from the active line-up, and will be allowed to search for new opportunities from a benched position. The decision to part ways with smooya was not an easy one, as we have reached incredible heights together, but after careful consideration, we came to the mutual agreement that this is the best move for both parties,” the official announcement reads.

smooya shared some words of his own, attempting to answer the questions many expectedly have given the teams newest pickup and potential.

This may come as a surprise to most people simply because of how happy I’ve been over the last eight months (despite my lack of individual performance). But, I had a long think about not wanting to hold this team back, I think they already have an insane system that just needs a little bit more work and they will become a standout top five team in the world but sadly I don’t think I’ll ever fit into this system simply because of playstyles. There is no bad blood between anybody in the team I just think personally they would be better with another player to do my role as I’ve never really had the MAIN AWP role since being here. Continuing, I’ve never been a weak link in a team and I don’t want to be, when I say that some people may get confused by saying ‘but dude you were so successful and was only improving’ as well as that is true! I had different visions of the environment that would be here for me at BIG in-game. This whole experience was a very positive one overall, I learned more outside of the game than I ever would elsewhere simply because of how cool everyone here at BIG is.

VPEsports had confirmed that smooya has reached out to a few teams in North America and Europe as if yesterdays report.

This move comes just days after the team failed to make the finals in a four-team event at the ELEAGUE CS:GO Invitational with their new lineup including İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş.

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