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NiP vs SK was one of the more contested matchups in the opening stages of the tournament. This was one that could go either way. In terms of raw talent I’d favor SK, but their form has been a mess since the player change. So here were some interesting observations I noted.


-SK’s B control on the Ct-side is fixed because Stewie2K isn’t nearly as aggro as when fer/felps held it, nor as passive is the later when they tried to stop it. He plays a good inbetween game.


-Like their Mirage I saw, FalleN has given the AWP to Stewie2K and Coldzera is the secondary AWP.


-NiP’s T-side is still based on their skill and teamwork. There is a clear limit to what dennis can do as a leader and I think we are close to the ceilings of this particular team (with the only points of growth being REZ/draken).


-SK’s Ct-side struggled without the economy, but once they got it in overtime or could get their double AWPs and utlity going, NiP only had headshots (mostly from REZ) to drag them through.


This game was better than what I saw from SK at Sydney, but not enough for me to really believe in them right now.

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