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The SK vs Astralis matchup used to be one of the best rivalries in the world. However that was in the past. Astralis are in peak form while SK has hit a slump we haven’t seen from a top team since Virtus.Pro in 2017. The difference being that SK is willing to make roster changes to get out of that slump, but it hasn’t been enough to get them back to where they want to be.


This particular blog is talking about the second map between Astralis and SK, specifically the CT-side of SK. If you think about what makes Astralis so strong on that map, it’s their ability to methodically take map control and then execute in perfect-sync to take either the A site or B site. Finally, their postplants are the best in the scene right now.


Given those are the strengths, I think the best way to take out Astralis on that map is to take the fight to them. Either drag it out in an economy fight so Astralis don’t get the utility or take aggressive fights. If we look at the SK squad, they have three aggressive players that were famous for this: Fer, Stewie2k, and FalleN. None of them could put a dint into stopping the Astralis war machine. Strangely, the most successful player was Coldzera, but it wasn’t enough.


I just think there are too many problems in this team to know when or if they will come back.

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