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The most interesting thing to happen from the first day of ESL One Belo Horzonte is the struggles of the two Brazilian teams, SK and NTC. NTC were just smashed by Mouz and it looks a bit worse than the 2-0 implies. The were beaten 16-3 on their own map pick and there T-side looked anemic on Train.


As for SK, Space Soldiers beat them 2-0. The first map was close with SK having a big lead at the end of the T-half, but they couldn’t hold on their CT-side. They were also eliminated on their own pick of inferno. In both maps, Coldzera was clearly the best player and while they lost, this bodes well for SK in that as long as Coldzera is destroying there is a chance for this team to recover and become one of the best in the world.


Right now, the SK problems are two fold. They need a second consistant star to follow up on Coldzera and they need FalleN to take up the full in-game leadership. I know that he wants to focus on his game, but it’s a dangerous gamble. We all saw what happened to Snax, HObbit, and AdreN when they took up that in-game leadership.


Still this is just the first day and SK were able to beat Ghost. I think SK will end up playing Space Soldiers in the decider match and winning. As for NTC vs BIG it could go either way. NTC have way more firepower while BIG have better structure and teamwork. If I had to pick, I’d go with BIG as I haven’t seen felps, kNg, or fnx be close to their ceilings yet.


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