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One of the world’s most influential live streamers, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is a true gamer. Having played professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, shroud has since retired and taken up the streaming mantle full-time.

Starting on Twitch where he could be seen breaking the 30,000 viewer mark on a regular basis and hitting new subscriber records on more than one occasion, he signed with Mixer back in October for an undisclosed sum although many reports claim it to be over $10 million for the length of his contract.

So it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise when the diehard World of Warcraft fan splurged a bit to make it in time for a WoW raid.

In a recent stream to his Mixer channel, shroud revealed to Justin “Just9n” Ortiz that he’d spent over $13,000 on a private jet to make it back in time for a World of Warcraft raid. Blackwing Lair was launching for classic WoW and shroud desperately wanted to be there for it.

The 26-year-old needed to get to Las Vegas and back to Los Angeles in time and this was apparently the only way to do it.

“You know the only reason I did that was to make my WoW raid, right” he explained. ” That was the only reason. No other flight allowed me to make the WoW raid except for having my own jet. I would have done a normal flight but I had to make my WoW raid because it was BWL launch day.”

He went on to explain that he rented it, causing just9n to ask what everyone wanted to know; how much did it cost?

“I think it was $6,600 an hour? So it was two hours. It was something like that,” shroud answered. A standard flight would have been $1,500, however, it would not have gotten him back in time for the WoW raid he explained.

“I figured you know, why not give it a shot?” he said. “That’s the best time to try it, on a very short flight where it’s not going to be like ridiculously expensive. Like, imagine going to Europe on a private jet – that would cost you like 100 grand.”

If you’ve ever questioned shroud’s dedication to gaming, whether it be first-person shooters or otherwise, this should answer it. In addition, it should help explain just how profitable someone like shroud is in this space and what his career allows him to “give a shot.”

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