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CS:GO in 2018 belonged to Astralis, but the best player in the game wasn’t a Dane that year. Natus Vincere’s Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev stood atop his peers, unmatched in his skill at only 20. Even in the shade of Astralis domination, s1mple and NaVi together won two big LAN events (StarSeries Season 5 and ESL Cologne) and placed second at two more, including the London Major.

s1mple’s speed, technique and game sense made him the subject of countless profiles, analyses and interviews. But it’s not often that fans get to ask the player anything.

The last time s1mple held an AMA was back in August last year, in a Reddit Q&A session which even sparked some drama between the player and former Liquid team-mate Eric “adreN” Hoag. Now, s1mple is on the AMA train again, this time on Twitter, and the thread is booming, as expected.

In a chain with currently more than 630 replies, s1mple answers which is the best map in the pool, what’s the best team-mate he’s ever played with, what’s his current set-up and even his stance on pineapple on pizza.

So if you’ve ever wanted to ask S1mple anything, now’s the opportunity. Make your question count.

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