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This is the second article breaking down the CS:GO roster moves surrounding Mouz. In this one I look to Mouz’s decisions to add Woxic, Frozen, and ChrisJ. This roster shuffle was originally reported by NeL.

In that report, NeL stated that due to recent developments oskar is being benched. So the final lineup would be:






There are a lot of different things to go over. First is the decision to bench oskar. In terms of individual play, I think this is a bad move. Oskar is still one of the best AWPs. Outside of s1mple or device, it’s hard for me to point to a single other AWPer and say that they are definitely better than he is at that role.

However oskar has always had some strange personal issues. In mid 2018, he took a break to go stream while his team was at a tournament. The first time he came into mouz, he either benched or was benched because of motivational issues. He outright stated that he played worse without STYKO after Mouz had removed Snax. With STYKO not in the lineup, perhaps oskar lost motivation again. It’s hard to say.

Whatever the case, if we assume that benching oskar was unavoidable, then picking up woxic is a smart move. Woxic has been a good star player for HellRaisers and was one of the primary reasons why they were able to pull off upsets through 2018. I don’t know much about Frozen beyond that his stats seem pretty good online and that he is 16 years old. As for ropz, it makes sense to keep him since he is still young in his career and playing under Karrigan could take his game to the next level.

The final move Mouz did was bring back ChrisJ. They could have either gotten ChrisJ or STYKO, but given the circumstances ChrisJ probably makes more sense. He has more firepower, can secondary AWP, and as a former in-game leader he can secondary call for Karrigan.

Overall, this team has a lot of potential, but a lot of risks to it as well. From the outside it looks like Mouz is banking on the fact that Karrigan will somehow revitalize ropz, take Frozen to the top, and make woxic a better player than he was on HellRaisers.

In terms of difficulty, I’d say getting this particular lineup to work will be even harder than the first lineup he had on FaZe. At the same time though, if he does make it work, that will be another legendary feat in his career.

One final thing to note is the fact that Mouz still have two benched players in oskar and STYKO. I don’t know what Karrigan’s philosophy is about a six or seven man rotation in CS:GO, but regardless he’s shown that he can evaluate what a team needs quite quickly. If I was Mouz, I’d try to delay trading off either oskar or STYKO as both of them are good players that Karrigan may potentially need to bring back into the team.

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