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Photo: By Adela Sznajder for DreamHack

After multiple roster moves which culminated with MSL and niko reportedly leaving Rogue to join OpTic, Rogue have decided to close their CS:GO division. This comes as a result of the roster moves happening close to the ESL Pro League roster lock this evening. As a result, compLexity are now looking to recruit vice. All of this comes from a report done by Dekay of Dexerto.

Soon after the news was released, Hiko went on twitter to clarify that the Rogue lineup was still set to attend StarLadder i-League Season 7.

As for my own thoughts, it’s a curious move. Currently, we have multiple teams trying to get back into the CS:GO space like TSM and mTw. The move leaves Sick and Hiko as the remaining active players on Rogue.

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