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After a successful Major run and a newly formed roster, both Renegades and compLexity have been stunted. To make matters worse, it’s out of their control.

The majority Australian team has experienced various Visa issues including the ongoing one involving Sean “Gratisfaction”‘ Kaiwai. This unfortunate problem will most likely see the 23-year-old miss the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 9 second round alongside cs_summit 4 and DreamHack Masters Dallas. The New Zealander will be replaced during these events by Owen “smooya” Butterfield.

compLexity has also been struggling to maintain a set five even after having signed Hunter “SicK” Mims to complete the squad. Similarly to Renegades situation, Ricardo “Rickeh” Mulholland has been unable to secure a Visa and will, therefore, be missing the ESL Pro League Season 9 second round. In his stead will be former coL member Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker.

More than missing events, this problem has forced Renegades and compLexity to remain relatively stagnant. Being unable to practice with your set five consistently and having it impact opportunities to qualify (ex. compLexity for ESL One Cologne) for other big events can do harm to a team.

While some may be able to say “we’ll be fine once we get our squad back together” others will be impacted by the losses, feel like the team just isnt good enough and won’t ever work out. The stresses of these sorts of situations can vary from very little to massive.

In addition, momentum is a powerful force when making a rise to the top. Having gained that momentum in Katowice as the IEM Major, Renegades has been affected and altered. Luckily for them, smooya had a strong performance alongside the team and that will have helped keep it alive a bit longer.

While not result based momentum, compLexity was looking to begin a new chapter with SicK and under a new branding more aligned with the Dallas Cowboys. Since then, things haven’t exactly gone well for the team with two different stand-ins and a possibility of more on the horizon.

While they play with Rickeh in qualifiers they’re sporting others during LAN events and probably some practices. This does not make for an optimal situation or environment for anyone or the progress of the team overall.

For many, the circumstances simply don’t matter and only the results matter. The standings, invitations, and more will be impacted regardless and this can hurt the longevity and success of a squad. It’s never fun to see teams struggle with issues that are seemingly out of their control.

To sum it up: Visa issues suck for esports and life in general.

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