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Yesterday Dekay reported that msl and niko are in talks with OpTiC Gaming. This came in the aftermath of k0nfig and JUGI reportedly joining Cloud9. There are a lot of moving parts in this story, so I’ll break down the various motives each of the people have.

On September 27th, North removed MSL from the team and he went on to play for Rogue. While I’m not privy to the internal politics between teams, the best time for OpTic to change in-game leaders was at that specific moment in time. Snappi had already had 5 months of getting nothing out of the roster. They already had niko in the team.

Instead they let MSL go to Rogue where he’s already helped that team start to consistently qualify for LAN events with less talented players.

What is interesting about the OpTic CS:GO lineup is that in terms of scouting and picking up Danish talent, I’d say they were incredibly successful. K0nfig was a top 5-10 player when they got him. JUGI was considered the next big AWPer. Gade and niko were good role players. Cajunb was still a consistent force as a veteran player. They even got refrezh, a player that everyone believes will have a breakout year in 2019. But their achilles heel was that they were unable to realize that Snappi wasn’t the in-game leader they needed. They let that fester to and this eventually led to both k0nfig and JUGI reportedly leaving the team to join Cloud9.

At this point, they’ve lost a lot of leverage they could have had in attracting MSL to their team as they’ve lost two of their star players and will need to replace Snappi should he join the team. While it’s still possible that MSL joins OpTic, it feels far less certain now than it did six months ago.

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