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VPesports had the chance to speak with the only player to have made it to every Major playoff Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer ahead of his match against Astralis. The star player discusses the leadership in FaZe, Astralis, fnatic, and the teams goal. FaZe pulled through the New Legends stage with a 3-2 record, suffering losses to BIG and Natus Vincere.


VPesports: It’s become pretty well known that Karrigan has stepped back from in-game leading and NiKo has stepped in. What were the thoughts behind that?

olofmeister: In Stockholm, we played really good against mousesports on one map, we won 16-1 but they didn’t play like they should. The other two games didn’t feel like we were on the same page when we were playing. That happened at ELEAGUE as well. Then at the Major you can’t really try and get back your form. A Major is a Major, here’s where you wanna peak. We just had to do something and now it feels like everyone’s on the same page. NiKo changed some stuff but most of the stuff is still the same. It’s just helping Finn see something he hadn’t seen in awhile. It’s also very good for Finn to see a different way of calling and get new ideas and stuff like that.



VPesports: So the plan is still to go back to Karrigan being the IGL and it’s just giving him fresh eyes?

olofmeister: Yeah



VPesports: With the draw, you’re facing Astralis first which of course has always been a tough opponent. How do you guys feel you match up with them now?

olofmeister: I feel like we always have good games against Astralis, it’s always been close games. I mean they even beat them when I was away, in Sydney. So Finn knows them really well and knows what they do and like to do. They are a very very strong team and it’s going to be a tough game for sure and they’re the favorite but I think we can beat them.



VPesports: When you’re watching your old team fnatic and some of the struggles they’re going through – knowing those players pretty well, what do you think fnatic needs to change to go from where they are now to a top team again?

olofmeister: That’s a really hard question. I don’t really like to comment on other teams because you are not a part of what’s happening inside. From the outside a player can look like or be the best player on the but be the worst player on the team for everyone else. 

VPesports: Like old school s1mple?

olofmeister: Yeah, but s1mple is insane – *laughter* – but yeah it’s hard to say. I feel like they probably need to change something. It doesn’t look like they’re having too much fun together. It’s hard to say because one small change can such a big difference for one team. Like look at us, just to get NiKo calling, from the first three days to the last three days was a big big big difference. We probably would have won the first few games if we were on the same page. It’s all about being on the same page and everyone believing in what you’re doing and you get a lot more confident in that



VPesports: Speaking of that and your team. Is that something you guys have ever had an issue with? You guys brought together a lot of star players – has that led to a bunch of separate people saying “this is what we should do” or “this is what we should do” or has everyone been okay listening to the in-game leader?

olofmeister: People, analysts and experts are saying we have a bunch of big egos but I’d say that’s a big lie. I will say that everyone wants to win. They will do whatever it takes to win. If you’re good at something you should do something and that’s how we look at it. For example, GuardiaN, we would say GuardiaN you’re insane with the AWP you should do this and he’ll say okay, and everyone listens to everyone about they want to do but if Finn or someone says you shouldn’t do it, then you shouldn’t do it, but Finn wants everyone to do what they want. It’s the same atmosphere I had in fnatic and it’s you just want to win, do whatever you have to to win.


(Photo courtesy of Helena Kristiansson/ESL)

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