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Going into the Americas Minor, NRG was the favorite to make it out of the qualifiers. Instead they have been upset twice over. Yesterday by compLexity and today by EUnited. When I saw the games, it felt like NRG didn’t play to their peak form which they had previously. They were able to grind out on nuke, but that map should have been more of a blowout. On inferno, they had a shaky CT-side despite winning the half 8-7 and got taken out on inferno. At that point, the nerves seemed to completely takeover and I think the big moment comes from the Moose ace on Dust 2. After that, the EUnited players were firing on all cylinders, winning their duels, the situations, and the economy. I have to point out that CeRq didn’t live up to his pedigree as you need your star AWPer to show up on Dust 2 specifically. By the time the second half started, NRG looked desperate and you could see their dying gasps.

This sets up a very dangerous matchup for tomorrow as now it can be anyone’s game. Both compLexity and EUnited looked in good form at this qualifier. I don’t have enough data to confidently pick which would be the favorite in the matchup, so I think it comes down to experience and form on the day. Because of that I’ll slightly favor compLexity because of stanislaw and ShahZam.

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