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By Taras Bortnik

Special to VPEsports

NRG have made it to the semifinals where they’ll face Astralis, but before that match we sat down with Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov.

The Bulgarian AWPer broke down the match against Na’Vi, talked preparation, nerves, and more.


VPEsports: Your best performance in the match against Na’Vi was on their pick, did you guys know Mirage would be such a comfortable map for you?

CeRq: We had a 10 day boot camp in Poland and even while we were waiting for the semifinals we had like a five day break and from the start with Peter our Mirage was pretty good. We weren’t really comfortable in picking it because we feel that its a pretty random map, it’s like D2. So we don’t really pick it, but we let the enemy pick it. We’ll never pick it but if a team wants to play us on it, we’re ready on it.

VPEsports: Going back to the first map, you guys had an advantage and suddenly started losing round after round. What happened?

CeRq: I think we were overconfident that we’d already won. Then they money f*cked us a couple times. They just caught us off guard, but that shouldn’t have happened. They played good, so it shouldn’t take anything away from them.

VPEsports: Is the overconfidence factor the same thing that allowed Na’Vi to push map two into overtime?

CeRq: No, I think that they just played those rounds good and we played a little sloppy in my opinion. Obviously when you make a small mistake, they’re going to capitalize since they’re a really good team and that’s what they did.

VPEsports: You created so many insane moments on the T-side, how much of it is specifically planned versus you own intuition?

CeRq: There’s stuff that I played right before and there’s individual plays that helped us. Like Tarik’s play in overtime, winning that round was insane. That was a huge round because you never know, we might have lost in overtime because our CT was pretty bad on Mirage.

So we mostly know what we’re doing and then there’s individual heroics that really help a lot.

VPEsports: As you said, CT side on Mirage was a struggle for your team. Was this due to communication issues or?

CeRq: I feel like we just never got going on the CT side. That was the main issue. We won one round, then we won another one but then they won the last round. I think our game just didn’t start our way and they were punishing us a lot. It was one of their best maps, we were caught off guard a lot and I feel like we started cold.

VPEsports: Kane told me he didn’t consider Na’Vi underdogs in this match up, he said more like equals. What do you think?

CeRq: I think we’re pretty close to each other. If anyone is favored over the other team, it’s going to be just by a little bit in my opinion. I don’t think we’re favorites or they’re favorites, I think we’re 50-50. Whoever shows up the day that we play is going to win.

VPEsports: You had a six day break between the stages. How did you spend it?

CeRq: We had a two day break and then we started practicing like four maps a day and then we were watching a lot of our group stage matches and even Minor matches to fix mistakes.

VPEsports: You’ll be facing the winner of Astralis vs. Liquid. Do you have any preference?

CeRq: We’re ready to play both teams. We’re here for the trophy so we’re not scared of anyone.

VPEsports: On the other side, you have AVANGAR vs. Renegades. Any pick for that one?

CeRq: I don’t know. That’s a tough one. Whoever isn’t going to give us a hard time in the final.

VPEsports: People are already talking like NRG are the favorites. Does this push you harder?

CeRq: Honestly, before the match I felt a little pressure. I was like, we have to win this, we need to win this, there is no if. I think that put a lot of pressure on me, but then when the match started I said screw this, we either win or we lose.

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