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Here is the second part of the answers to your twitter questions about the French scene where I give my opinion.

The problem with ScreaM and other french players is that most of them are not sure how to use him in game. The frequent question is about his position. He’s not leader, sniper, support, opener, lurker, not even a star player… so that’s also a problem with him. He recently explained that his position was to be the guy that revenge the opener, “the cleaner”. Not enough for some I guess.
He’s also a star in the game, he’s really popular, he has a shiny playstyle, he has his own unique style outside the game… some players might have a bit of problem with that. Egos.

There’s too many questions right now about them. How can shox handle the leading role again? Can kenny gain in consistency and show a s1mple-like level? Can the new positions help bodyy? How will lucky and jackz integrate?
If I have no doubt about the last question, I think bodyy must feel some pressure to perform well in the next months or he will be the next to be kicked.
But to answer your question, no I don’t see them become a top contender until a little while. unless shox and kenny can both show up on a regular basis. I think they have to potential to do better things than the previous lineup (not hard, I know). Maybe legend status if they have some luck. I think Lucky will be important in the future.

His english is not terrible but I don’t think he’s confident enough to do it. I wish he would try at least, with a T2/T3 team like the former Imperial/Tempo Storm/LeftOut… just to see how it would work out for him. I think he still can have good projects in France and he knows it. I would be surprised if he goes international.

No, Vitality will use XTQZZZ as coach, SmithZz is contracted to G2 so it would be an investment for Vitality. Not sure if it’s worth it.

Hard not to do better…

Sadly no, I don’t see LDLC as a solid top 15 team. I think they are one change away from being potentially that kind of team, but I have no idea what player could help them with that. I think they are destined to be the top 2-3 french team and exactly like you said, with high ups and downs.

Yes. The day he and others understand that they don’t need to be friends to be teammates. I still see him as the most complete player in our scene.

Hard question, I’ll do a top 5 with players that are around for a little while (I’ll need more time with the “new” guys).


Not at all for now, if they have better results in 2019 yes it can get higher.

Rumors were saying so, but no.

I would bet on Vitality. I can see them top 5 if they add a guy like AmaNEk for exemple. I believe in the NBK-ZywOo-apEX trio.

“Don’t you think that the FR scene is too much dictated by the desires and relationships of the players? That teams making decisions and players following in step (a bit like football) would be much more beneficial than all these useless dramas and shuffles?”

It always was like that. Contracts kinda stopped that for a bit, shuffles happened less than they used to because of that. And even today, teams would switch player a lot more if they could. What G2 did with this roster move is new, we’ll see how it goes.We will need good people to take these decisions and players will have to accept that… both task are not simple.

“Why don’t we see KRL coaching a high level french team?”

maLeK is coaching G2, Ozstrik3r is coaching LDLC, XTQZZZ will coach Vitality. I don’t think he was considered. I would say that either they don’t think he’s legit, either they don’t want someone that is straightforward and frank to them or orgs are afraid of him as he’s a bit considered as a trash talker/guy with a big mouth.

“With regard to all the changes you have had access to, which ones were you aware of before some of the people involved?”

I would say that it happens a lot more than we think. Most time the players are not aware that a decision of this kind is going to be made. Sometimes it start spreading when they know. Every case is different. I can’t check every time but would say that it happens 25% of the times approximately.

Thanks for your questions!

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