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If both of these teams were in their glory days, this would be the match of the tournament. All eyes would be on the squads as they battled to control the pace, map spacing, and more.

However, coming into this one many probably chose to watch one of the other matches like Liquid taking on Natus Vincere. Astralis have continued their domination and MIBR have looked far from a title contender for several events since they reformed.

This match wouldn’t go as expected though as MIBR were the ones to run the show from start to finish, taking the map of Overpass 16-2.

It was as if we’d jumped into a time machine as Marcelo “coldzera” David and Fernando “fer” Alvarenga rolled through their enemy with confidence. coldzero would finish with 131.9 average damage per round and a +20 kill-to-death ratio while fer ended the match at 106.4.

Overpass was not the most played map for either team coming into the match, however, in the last six months Astralis held a 6 map advantage in terms of experience. In terms of win percentage, neither team is the strongest but once again Astralis holds the lead with a 6-5 record compared to MIBR’s 1-4.

After an initial exchange of rounds thanks to force buy victories, preparation was clearly done on the Brazilian front as Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and co. stormed off to a 13-2 lead at the half. A lost pistol round to open up the second half would press the nail against the coffin. Another two follow-up rounds would hammer it in as Astralis took their first loss of the event.

While Astralis still leads the pack in the big picture, they have shown a crack in the armor that other teams may elect to jump on moving forward.

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