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With its unique format at play, BLAST Pro Series has unveiled the maps for the upcoming BLAST Lisbon event. Rounds one through five are set in stone with the map picks already laid out.

Interesting details gained through this ahead of time are the bans of Train and Nuke across all vetos. A common theme in events over the last six months seems to be Inferno being one of the if not the most picked map as it is for Lisbon.

The Altice Arena will play home to the BLAST Pro Series Lisbon event where six will fight for the lion’s share of the $250,000 prize purse. The event’s format will see the top two teams from the initial round-robin stage moving into a best-of-three grand final which will be played on Saturday.

The event will also see a for fun match between the third and fourth place team for a shot at $20,000.

You can find the full schedule and map picks below (minus the grand final):

Round 1

Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Sweden NiP | Overpass
United States MIBR vs. Europe Cloud9 | Mirage
Denmark Astralis vs. Europe FaZe | Dust2

Round 2

Europe FaZe vs. Europe Cloud9 | Cache
United States MIBR vs. Sweden NiP | Mirage
Denmark Astralis vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere | Inferno

Round 3

Europe FaZe vs. United States MIBR | Mirage
Ukraine Natus Vincere vs. Europe Cloud9 | Overpass
Denmark Astralis vs. Sweden NiP | Overpass

Round 4

Denmark Astralis vs. United States MIBR | Inferno
Sweden NiP vs. Europe Cloud9 | Overpass
Europe FaZe vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere | Inferno

Round 5

Denmark Astralis vs. Europe Cloud9 | Inferno
Europe FaZe vs. Sweden NiP | Inferno
United States MIBR vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere | Mirage

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