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When I was reviewing the Liquid vs Astralis game on Inferno, there was a small play I noticed from TACO. It was in the postplant of the 7th round of the game. I’m not even certain that it was a calculated play by TACO given how chaotic it was, but I thought I’d highlight it.


In that round Liquid did a dry hit on the A-site and put themselves in a 4v3 postplant scenario. Because of how the round and hit played out, Liquid should know that Astralis were playing a 2-1-2 setup and that the remaining three players have full utility. Liquid on the other hand have almost no utility as they used it all to secure the plant or it died on Twistzz when he entry fragged for the rest of the team.


One other thing to note is that Dupreeh had thrown his smoke down top bracket before the hit began and it was still up by the time the bomb was down. So TACO does this move where he throws his smoke to cut off the view of boiler from mid and jumps through the smoke.


It is at this point where I can’t figure out what TACO is thinking as there are multiple reasons as to why he could have done this. For now, I’ll narrow it down to the two I think were most likely. The first is that he just mistimed the smoke and jump timing and didn’t expect that a player was nearby that could kill him. The second option is that he did it to get info, create space, and secure the postplant.


Look at it from his perspective. There was someone likely playing around arch and that player had two options: Push the smoke that Liquid used to cut off that side when the hit went down or play passively and rotate to moto. As Liquid cleared the site, he wasn’t at moto. So from that point he could be near the smoke that Dupreeh had thrown or he could be in halls. If the player is in halls, then TACO and EliGE can crunch on him and clear him out with the fast play from TACO. If he is near the smoke, then TACO dies in what looks like a desperate attempt to take boiler control. This essentially creates psychological space. If you see someone jump through a smoke and run to boiler, you’re likely not going to think that one of his teammates was already in halls.


This is essentially what happens as EliGE is able to make use of this space and wins the postplant by backstabbing the players from boiler. TACO’s death essentially creates space for EliGE to lurk from behind, kill xyp9x and make the retake untenable for Astralis. It was one of those interesting moments where I think jumping threw a smoke and dying was the impact play.

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