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It’s a whole new world for Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles as he’s played his first month as a member of MIBR. In a sit down interview with VPEsports the 24-year-old Brazilian player talks about his transition into the team, no longer playing with his brother, coldera leaving and more.

MIBR went out of the tournament in the semifinals against ENCE 2-1, a stage appearance that many did not see coming given the circumstances.


VPEsports: What’s it like to now be playing with MIBR, Made in Brazil, a legendary organization with some of the best talent Brazil has ever had? To go from being a step below the team to being on the team?

LUCAS1: For me, it’s good to play here. It’s unique, the guys here are so good. I’m learning so much with them so I’m excited to be playing here.

VPEsports: When you were joining the team, did you already know that coldzera was deciding to leave? Or did you think you were joining the four of them?

LUCAS1: When I joined the team, he didn’t want to go. But when we lost ESL Cologne he talked with me and said he’s not happy and happy playing so he wanted to make a change. He talked with everyone about not wanting to play with us anymore. He just wanted to leave after ESL Cologne.

VPEsports: For you it’s kind of a big step because you’ve played with your brother for so long. Was there a lot of talk between you and him before you made the decision? Did you guys discuss whether this was the right move?

LUCAS1: It’s hard because I’ve played with my brother for 15 years. I had the opportunity before and I didn’t accept because of my brother. Then I had the opportunity again and I talked with him. It’s a good opportunity as I wasn’t happy playing in Luminosity. I wanted to leave Luminosity because we were losing so much. I talked with him about my job, my future, and he said “yeah, you need to go now. This opportunity is too good.” It’s hard for him and me too because we’ve played on the same team our whole lives.

VPEsports: Since you’ve joined the team, it seems you’re getting more comfortable. From Cologne and this event there seems to be an improvement in your play. Do you think your performance will only continue to improve as you get more comfortable with the team?

LUCAS1: It’s different here [on MIBR] than the teams I’ve played on in the past. Here it’s more professional, it’s hard because if you make one mistake it can be a lost tournament or match so I play more conservative but with confidence. We were practicing a lot, working hard so the pressure makes it hard to play but I’m learning.

We have a psychologist here in Made in Brazil that they’ve contracted and he will help us a lot. For me it’s new and I’m happy to play here but there’s definitely pressure – but I’m okay.

VPEsports: Moving forward – if you could pick any player in the world, even if they’re on another team, who would you pick to play as your fifth?

LUCAS1: My brother. Or kNg – they’re both my brother (laughs).

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