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Photo: Helena Kristiansson for ESL

A day after April fools, LDLC has released it’s CS:GO roster. The majority French lineup has been able to make any consistent strides up the world rankings, competing at mostly tier 2 events where they still hadn’t been able to net many victories.

The LDLC brand has been around the Counter-Strike scene for some time, but this roster was relatively new in comparison.

LDLC had a strong showing during the IEM Chicago event in 2018 where they placed 5th-6th against tough opposition, however, the team has been unable to replicate that success. Two of the teams top players, Alex “ALEX” McMeekin and François “AmaNEk” Delaunay left the squad to pursue green pastures. ALEX joined up with Vitality while AmaNEk will compete with G2. Logan “LOGAN” Corti is now a member of the ex-3DMAX roster, another French organization unable to provide the results needed.

Months have passed and LDLC has chosen to change direction.

It is currently unknown what the future holds for the players or organization.

ex-LDLC CS:GO roster:

  • Antoine “to1nou” Pirard
  • David devoduvek Dobrosavljevic
  • Matthieu matHEND Roquigny
  • Christophe “SIXER” Xia
  • Alexandre xms Forté

Whether or not the squad wishes to stick together could have implications on other organizations as they look to fill holes or make adjustmenets to their own rosters.

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