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The big story at DreamHack Atlanta was ZywOo debuting at a LAN tournament. He didn’t disappoint as he showed a stellar performance given that the field wasn’t the strongest at this event. Among all of the plays that ZywOo did, his ace against Luminosity in the grand finals on Overpass stands out. Here is a link to the actual round (I could only find this one as the official VOD hasn’t been uploaded to the DreamHack youtube yet):


This is a particularly interesting round to me as while ZywOo showed insane skill, it also showed that there was some good thought and teamplay coming out from the Vitality team. It was a full eco, so Vitality played for information. They had two run down mid early to see if it was a rush that way before heading back to the A-site. As for the B players, Happy jump peaked the water area and with no players in site, the entire team decided to gamble stack the A-site.


From there, they setup around toilets and short, so when steel came to clear the area, they were able to trade him after he killed NBK-. From there ZywOo picked up the AK and got a second frag. ApEX pushed up in toilets to try to get info and was killed. From there, the team then made an immediate decision to rotate ZywOo over to the B-site and once they got the sound cues, the other two players moved over as well.


The speed of ZywOo’s rotation caught Luminosity off and so when he peaked short, he was able to get another kill as they weren’t expecting him from that angle. Happy then baited out the other two players in the open by firing at them with the usp. He went down, but this allowed ZywOo to rotate to a different angle and take out the two remaining players.


Overall, I was impressed with ZywOo’s speed, decisiveness, and aim. While this is just a small LAN event, he passed this one with ease and was the clear best player here. As for Vitality, I still think they have work to do as a team, but I think there is a decent base chemistry for the players on the CT-side. We’ll have to see what kind of identity they have going forward, but as of now the upsides look pretty good.

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