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I’ve been studying a lot of Kobe Bryant lately as he is incredibly articulate and eloquent when it comes to the matters of being a competitor and being a winner. Recently I watched this interview he did at USC where someone asked him how he dealt with bad teammates. Here is his answer,


“I kill them, I bury them….I’m going to beat you, I’m going to let you know I beat you, and I’m going to make you consider your professional life choice. I’m not here to be a great teammate, I’m here to help you win championships.”


When I heard it, I recalled the different LG/SK kicks in the last few years. Boltz was not playing to a high enough level and he wasn’t invested into the game like the others so he was removed. Fnx came in and he was motivated for a while. But after that left, he too was removed as SK were about winning titles, not about getting close. Same thing happened with Felps as Felps lost motivation as they removed him to get Boltz.


While SK are in terrible trouble right now, I have to say that they have probably been the best GMs I’ve seen in CS:GO. Every move they have made makes complete sense and follows Kobe’s logic here. Either you put your all into helping us win titles or you get out of our way.

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